City of 7 Billion

Research and installation for the 2013 Latrobe Prize-winning 'City of 7 Billion' project

City of 7 Billion | Plan B Architecture & Urbanism | 2013-2014


The City of 7 Billion research project was funded by the AIA College of Fellows and was the recipient of the 2013 Latrobe Prize. More information can be found here. The City of 7 Billion installation was on display from December 11th 2013 to February 28th 2014 at the Kwun Tong Ferry Pier in Hong Kong. The installation was partially funded by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. 


Principals: Joyce Hsiang, Plan B Architecture & Urbanism and Bimal Mendis, Yale School of Architecture
Project Team: Miroslava Brooks, Derek Brown, Daniel Markiewicz, Christian Nakarado, Justin Nguyen, Henry Ng, R.J. Tripodi, Ryan Welch, Dana Wu, Jieming Yan 2013 HKSZ
Biennale Exhibition Team: Miroslava Brooks, Henry Ng, Talitha Liu & Nicky Chang
Animation: Miroslava Brooks [here]


For more information about the research project contact Plan B Architecture & Urbanism |