Miroslava Brooks is a faculty member at both the Yale School of Architecture and the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, teaching design, visualization, and representation courses. With Amy DeDonato she directs the practice AMOA - A Movement Of Architecture.

Originally from Slovakia, Miroslava came to the US in 2003 and graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. She holds a Master of Architecture from Yale University where she was awarded the Gertraud A.Wood Fellowship and the William Wirt Winchester Travelling Fellowship - school's most prestigious prize.

Her professional experience includes working on large scale mixed-use developments in Asia while at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and a collaboration with Joyce Hsiang and Bimal Mendis on their 2013 Latrobe Prize-winning City of 7 Billion research project. Most recently, she was leading the design team for Eisenman Architects’ Yenikapi Archeological Museum in Istanbul. She is a citizen of both the United States and Slovakia.